Keeping the Brand Strategy Alive

30 Apr, 2024

One of the cornerstones of Navigator’s operations is brand strategy. Working closely with our clients to understand and articulate the essence of a company, all to move the brand in the desired direction. Just like with training, building a brand takes time and energy, and it’s work that must be constantly maintained. If not, things can go very wrong.

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Employer Branding – What Does the Rumor Say About Your Company?

26 Feb, 2024

A LinkedIn study on employer branding reveals that 75% of candidates consider a company’s reputation before applying for a job. Additionally, a report from Svenskt Näringsliv (Swedish Enterprise) indicates that 7 out of 10 Swedish companies find recruiting increasingly challenging, with skill shortages being the primary barrier to growth. Therefore, it is crucial to actively work on your employer brand to attract the right candidates – and to keep them.

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Five Clear Trends in B2B Communication 2024

16 Feb, 2024
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