Communication that leads the way

As a full-service agency, we are broad and can offer our clients everything from brand-building to sales-driving activities. At the same time, we are narrow as we have chosen not to work with fast-moving consumer goods. Our focus is on organizations with high involvement products and services within B2B, healthcare and B2C. Products and services that require a longer decision process and need the perfect balance between emotional and rational communication to convince the customers and end-users.

Our focus

Business to business

We are so fond of business to business that it has become our focus. Strategies, segmentation, concept development and global product launches are just some of the services we are helping some of the world’s leading international brands with daily.


Pharma, healthcare, life science and med tech has been a business area of Navigator for more than 20 years. We have long experience and knowledge of communication and information regulations, both on the Nordic and global market. Also, several of our employees are IMA certified. Our ambition is to create solutions equally effective as your products.

Business to consumer

We are also passionate about creating inspiring and engaging communication for high involvement and durable goods, such as energy services, kitchens, furniture and tires.


We are Navigator

Navigator is one of the leading strategic communication agencies in Sweden. We started our business in 1985 and Navigator is a stable, structured agency that has always been profitable. Our ambition is to be a creative and strategic team of 20 people that focus on long-term loyalty rather than temporary satisfaction. We strive to employ an even number of men and women in our team. Many of us have worked on the client side before, giving us valuable experience and comprehension of formal and informal decision-making processes. We are humble and like to see our clients as a natural part of our family.


Our network // CommUnity International

Navigator is one of the members of CommUnity International, an international network of owner-led agencies. Today, this agency network is one of the strongest in Europe for clients who wish to communicate on a global market. Thanks to the network, Navigator can be an even stronger partner to our international clients.

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Our commitment // Nationally and internationally

We are active members of several networks to spread our knowledge, get to know new people and develop our skills. We are committed on both a local and global level, to give our clients the best service possible.

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