leading healthcare agencies in SwedenNavigator has more than 20 years of experience from working with healthcare communication. We are one of the leading healthcare agencies in Sweden and have knowledge of everything from life science and med tech to global pharmaceutical companies. It’s in our dna to create strong and effective campaigns that generate results for both the patients and our clients.

Experience of all target groups

We are familiar with working with all target groups in the value chain, not just the healthcare professionals and the patient, but also the KOLs, the NGOs and the decision makers at the clinics. Our expertise spans over everything from advocacy to healthcare economics and market access.

Access to experts

Navigator has a close collaboration with the Center of Health Medicines, which give us and our clients access to experts within a wide range of areas.

Knowledge of all regulations

Our employees are skilled, experienced and licensed to work within the framework of healthcare rules and regulations. We have:

  • Certifications | IMA/VIMA-certified medical copywriters and project managers
  • Systematic control of cases | The Information Practices Committee (NBL) | The Swedish Pharmaceutical Industry Information Examiner (IGM)
  • Systematic review of updates | EFPIA Code of Practice on relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organizations

Access to new insights

Navigator is member of the Advisory Board for Nordic Biocube. This gives us knowledge and access to expertise in global processes of biological material in the pharmaceutical industry, including big pharma, biotic, medical technology and healthcare. We also get extensive experience from project management and development of global and local processes for biological materials and clinical studies.

Why Navigator?

  • More than 20 years of experience from healthcare communication
  • The ability to work with all target groups in the value chain
  • Knowledge of health economics and advocacy
  • Skilled, experienced and licensed to work within the framework of healthcare rules and regulations
  • Conducts at least 5-10 product launches annualy
  • Create campaigns with measurable effect

Healthcare cases >>

Here are some examples of healthcare cases we have been working with the last couple of years.

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